Discover how we can take you from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be.
We’re passionate about getting incredible transformations for our S/A family.


Stronger Athletics is a growing community of regular, everyday people (Aka #STRONGERathletes) seeking to transform their bodies.

We were created out of necessity, to provide those who had grown sick of the isolating, non-friendly, uninspiring & unsupportive nature of modern day gyms with something better. A home away from home, that they could look forward to going to.

The brainchild of serial lifting/yoga/coffee/Hoyts popcorn/dog/pancake/surfing lovers Ryan & Kelly Buchanan, Stronger’s fun & supportive communal vibe (combined with our coaching expertise & focus on results) has made us the ‘weird kid’ of the gym world… Something we take great pride in.

Why? Because we care.

We care about our member’s results.

We want to become their ‘3rd place’, their home away from home, where they love to go.

We care about staying on the cutting edge & constantly providing them the BEST nutrition & training knowledge.

We respect them enough to never lie, BS or exaggerate.. But rather educate & empower everyone we cross.

Stronger Athletics is a family.

Our mission is to create a secret society of #STRONGERathletes. Regular everyday people, who underneath whatever ‘hat’ they wear each day – be it dad, mum, brother, sister, tradie, suit, surfer, office worker, teacher, etc – Have lean, strong, powerful, healthy, beautiful bodies, which allow them to live a happy & confident existence.

Our gym was simply put together to be the perfect environment to get them there.


This is our core product. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on – Effective, fun, result-driven body transformation training, the foundation of which is strength training.

We don’t focus on that ‘train more, train harder’ mentality… It’s dumb. If we can get you the results in one hour, why would we do 2 hours per day, 7 days per week. You don’t get extra points for being inefficient.

Instead, by using the latest, most effective strength & conditioning techniques, we’re able to give our members consistently rapid improvements in the look & functionality of their body.

Most people only focus on training to look better, yet have no idea how amazing it actually feels to have a lean, strong & athletic body.

A body that moves swiftly, free of pain or physical barriers.

A lean, muscular body that looks amazing, yet functions even better.

A body that allows a confident, optimised, care free existence.

As part of our STRONGER family, you’ll not only have all the tools, coaching & equipment at your disposal to build the body of your dreams… But also be surrounded by likeminded people, giving you all the support, camaraderie & guidance you need to have a GOOD time getting there.


Our gym is not typical… We have very few machines, no treadmills, no aerobics areas & no vending machines. Every square metre of our facility is specifically designed to maximise the effectiveness of our training.

We make a point of avoiding the flawed, gimmicky, bulky and ultimately useless equipment that fills your average ‘fitness centre’. Why pay for a membership to bore yourself by staring at a television and walking on a treadmill?

Instead, we’ve created a spacious environment, designed to allow our members to move freely & efficiently, to build real world strength & to rapidly transform their physiques.

In here, there is nothing to lead you astray, nothing to limit you, nothing to stand in the way of your goals. Just top people, elite equipment, a camaraderie and an environment that will allow you to have fun reaching your fitness goals.



Start your journey to becoming the stronger, fitter or more athletic version of you!