How to ACTUALLY Grow Your Glutes (without weird Kim K implants)

By December 1, 2018 Uncategorized

The below image was originally posted on our Instagram, but I feel it demands repeating!

Training to grow the glutes is not as hard as some douchie, dumb instagram models would have you believe #facepalm

Instead, we just need to treat them the same as the rest of our muscles (even though admittedly they garner more attention than your rhomboids) & stop assuming they need some magical array of movement variations to encourage growth.

The glutes, like all muscles, requires 3 primary focus points when growth is the primary focus:

1) Mechanical tension – By this we mean choosing exercises that allow you to handle plenty of weight, thereby placing more tension on the target muscle group i.e. deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats, lunges, split squats etc.

2) Muscle damage – We need to perform enough sets/reps of the above movements with control, in order to create microtrauma in the glutes themselves, which lead to a hypertrophic (growth) response. This means, full range of motion, good form & quality execution of each lift.

3) Metabolic Stress – This is generally represented by the burning/pumped sensation you get in the target muscle in the wake of a training session. The positive effects of this are brought about by a variety of factors such as blood occlusion, temporary lack of oxygen supply to the muscles & the build up of metabolic waste.

Most lame, douchey insta-models will tend to forgo 1 & 2 from the list above & just focus on #3 (to their own detriment & that of their followers).


Because you’ll ‘feel’ it burn, then erroneously assume that you’re now also a gluteal wizard & will be insta-famous by next Tuesday…. The problems arising when, after a year of punishing your butt (teehee) with a bunch of stupid movements, the only thing that’s grown is said insta-models wallet size.

This is your main problem solver right here. Check it:

By instead picking movements that allow you to use extra load safely & progressively overload week to week. Then coupling this with movement/mobility drills for the hips (allowing you to activate the glutes properly & keep your back happy) & adequate protein for recovery. You can ensure your glute gains are plentiful.

Leave the silly exercises for the silly people 😉

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